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Finding a middle ground between dressing formal and casual doesn’t have to be such a headache. If you’re wondering how to dress sharp for your next holiday or office party, well looking sharp and dressing casual has never been easier. 

What does it mean to dress casual?

Dressing casual can mean you dress in a way that is comfortable and relaxed yet appropriate for the event you’re attending. Dressing casual can pertain to your clothing and the accessories you choose to wear. You don’t necessarily need to wear a tight suit or tie because that won’t really classify as being comfortable. However, keep in mind that looking a bit nicer doesn’t hurt. So, don’t put yourself in a situation where you may be underdressed!

Here are a few of our favorites to dress casually and still look sharp:

The coats you’ll find below are considered dressy casual. Nonetheless, it depends on what items you add to the coats. The coat itself can become formal if you start to add other items that are considered more formal.

Men's Casual Sport Coats:

Dressy Casual Sport Coats

Men's Casual Sport Coats:

A sport coat is a prime choice when you are looking to dress business casual and still look sharp. A sport coat is a comfortable and extremely versatile item that every man should have in his wardrobe. So many gravitate towards wearing a sport coat because it’s a simple way to present yourself as someone who wants to look good but also feel good doing it.

During these winter days, a sport coat can be light and yet very warm making it easy to stay appropriately dressed and also look like a gentleman. The SquareGuard sport coats are made with high-quality fabric, easily accessible pockets, and slits in the back for better mobility.

While some may say throwing on jeans with a sport coat isn’t the right choice. It can be the best choice when done correctly. To pull this look off you should choose the right pair of jeans with the right sport coat. Choosing jeans that are clean (not ripped or faded) and well fitted to your body are two things you should always note. 


Dressy Casual Accessories:

Dressy Casual Accessories


Men’s Chakra Bracelet: Adding an accessory like a men’s chakra bracelet adds a bit of flash to your outfit. Chakra bracelets are said to giving healing powers when worn depending on the gemstone or crystal you choose. However, if you don’t believe in its healing powers you can totally wear it as a fashion piece to complement your casual look. 

Men’s Dress Socks: Adding a bit of fun to your dressy casual outfit is easy when you shop for polka dot dress socks or geometric dress socks. This is a great way to keep your outfit looking dressy casual. Dress socks are “dressy” and when you add fun to your socks you add “casual” to the mix! 

 Men's Lapel Pin: Similarly to dress socks, lapel pins are another way to accessories your outfit in a fun way. You are able to add a bit of personality and style to your outfit while still looking casual.

Dressy Casual Shoes:

Dressy Casual Shoes

Chukka Boots: These boots are naturally casual and easy to pair with SquareGuard sport coats. Chukka boots are made with suede, calfskin, and occasionally leather during the winter months.

Chelsea Boots: Chelsea boots are a men’s favorite for casual dressy shoes. They are super comfortable and easy to slip on and off. These boots can be worn formal as well if paired with more formal attire. 

So what’s the overall verdict?

When you want to dress formal yet casual there is a lot of flexibility when you’re choosing your outfit. Keep in mind you want to dress comfortably with a bit of style to show your personality. SquareGuard has an abundant selection of casual men’s clothing ranging from men’s sport coats, flower lapel pins, and men’s bracelets. Shop men's dress clothes holiday look this winter season!


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