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Creating the pocket square fold you love and keeping that fold looking great the entire day can be challenging without the help of a pocket square holder. A pocket square holder is meant to support your pocket square folding technique by keeping it fresh and crisp while also preventing it from slipping, sliding and disappearing into your jacket pocket. At Squareguard we engineered the perfect pocket square holder for you that assists in creating and holding shape without the bulkiness in your jacket pocket.

A pocket square is one of the easiest ways to elevate and complete your entire look. Whether you’re dressing for an occasion like a wedding or simply want to express your style at a party, adding a pocket square always will freshen up your outfit at any time. However, what good is a pocket square if it falls out of your pocket or disappears completely inside your jacket pocket and requires constant adjustment? Squareguard as a perfect pocket square holder ensures a fresh fold and perfect hold for your pocket square throughout the day.

The most important reason to have a perfect pocket square holder is so you can create the perfect pocket square folds you desire effortlessly. Squareguard has the ability to shape a pocket square in seconds and also gives you endless folding options. You don’t have to struggle and watch a video of how to fold a pocket square anymore. With Squareguard Just Weave It and Leave It ™

Finally, to show you the difference between our pocket square holder and others, we have created side by side views. You can see why Squareguard truly is the perfect pocket square holder for all your pocket squares and handkerchiefs whether they are silk, cotton, linen or microfiber. You will also experience how comfortable it is to wear a Squareguard. Thanks to its well thought ultra-light, slim and sleek design which eliminates bulkiness you won’t even remember or notice that it is there. See for yourself why so many choose Squareguard as their perfect pocket square holder. Take a look at the photos below for a deeper look at how Squareguard compares in aesthetics and comfort.

Perfect Pocket Square Holder


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